Water Filters

Water filtration is an all-inclusive phrase, which includes water purification, water softening, iron & sulphur filtration, water disinfection, sediment filtration, chlorine & fluoride removal, water distillation and water deionization. The various types of water filtration are accomplished by utilizing differing technologies and equipment. Water purification is usually achieved by means of reverse osmosis, water distillation or water deionization. Water softeners are employed with the specific goal of removing cations such as calcium, magnesium and iron from the water source. Sulphur, iron and manganese filtration is carried out with the use of mineral tanks with an extremely dense oxidative media. Water disinfection can be a very serious concern for people in a variety of settings. Ultraviolet disinfection systems are the most common choice for achieving reliable results in the realm of water disinfection. Alternative solutions include chlorine injection and ozone addition. Chlorine, volatile organic compounds, plant and animal decay, trihalomethanes and other organic materials are treated with carbon filtration.

Iron, sulphur and manganese filters

Iron and sulphur filters are simply mineral tanks full of very dense oxidative media. When iron or sulphur-saturated water passes through this media, the dissolved iron and sulphur becomes oxidized and adheres to the media. This results in outlet water being rid of stain-causing iron and odour-producing sulphur.

Our residential water treatment company employs Filox media, which is a very dense media utilized to oxidize iron, sulphur and manganese. This water treatment media is rated to last well over a decade without becoming exhausted. Once the Filox media has become saturated with iron, sulphur and/or manganese, our water treatment company can service the system by replacing the media promptly.

Sediment filters

Often times, especially with well water, the well booster pump pumps a significant amount of sand, silt and sediment through the household pipelines. This can be seen in water as turbidity or cloudiness. There are specialized water filters called sediment filters to deal with such issues. These are mineral tanks with the MicroZ sediment media embedded in it. They have the same appearance as iron and sulphur filters, but are employed for an entirely different task.

Carbon filters

Chlorine gas (Cl2) is the most common disinfectant utilized by municipalities, townships and cities around the world because it is economical, relatively effective and widely available. Although it provides consumers with sanitized, safe and bacteria-free water, it is not ideal for consumption. Chlorine should be removed from water as soon as it enters the home. Carbon filters are an example of a point-of-entry type of water filtration product. Carbon media is a great filtration media for the adherence of organics, chloramines, volatile organic compounds, plant and animal decay.

Catalytic granular activated carbon media is a liquid phase virgin activated carbon that has been manufactured to develop catalytic functionality. The product is unique in that it concentrates reactants via adsorption and then promotes their reaction on the surface of the pores. Applications of this product include taste and odour reduction, chloramines, volatile organic compound removal, aquarium water treatment, commercial and residential water filters and bottling and soft drink industries.

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